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reykjavik international games 2020

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👇WATCH👇LIVE👇 Reykjavik International Games 2020 Live Stream Online
RSL Iceland International is held in Reykjavík, 23rd – 26th of January 2020. The tournament is a part of Reykjavik International Games and part of Badminton Europe Circuit.
Team managers meeting will be at the hall 22.january at 19:00.
QUALIFYING ROUNDS: Thursday 23rd January 2020, starting time will be at 09:00.
MAIN DRAW ROUND 1: Friday 24th January 2020. Starts at 9:00.
MAIN DRAW ROUND 2 AND QUARTER FINALS: Saturday 25th January 2020. Starts at 09:00. Quarter finals will start at 16:00
SEMIFINALS AND FINALS: Sunday 26th January 2020. Starts at 09.00. Finals will start at 15:30


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